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Pointe Coupee Fire District 3 

Protection and Service with Honor and Integrity

"Let no man's ghost return to say his training let him down"

Schedule Training Dates:

Training At Away Departments

(We would like to thank the departments for hosting and inviting

our department to train with them.)

2020 Pointe Coupee Parish

LSU-FETI Training Schedule

Date; Location; Topic; Course Code; Instructor

Jan 15- PCFD#3; Responding to Utility Emergencies; MU200-04; K. Degenhardt

Jan 22- PCFD#4; HazMat "A" Refresher with ERG Drill; HZ720-12; Hodges

Feb 3-PCFD#1; HazMat "A" Refresher with ERG Drill; HZ720-12; K. Degenhardt

Feb 12-PCFD#5; Salvage and Overhaul; FF400-19; K. Degenhardt

Mar 11-PCFD#3; F/D Skills and Drills:SCBA Confidence Course; ST200-34; K. Degenhardt

Mar 24,25-PCFD#4; FLAG or Vehicle Fire; ; A. Degenhardt/Hodges

Apr 6- PCFD#1; F/D Skills and Drills: Equipment Scramble ; ST200-34; K. Degenhardt

Apr 14-15-PCFD#5; Forcible Entry Practical; ST200-48; A. & K. Degenhardt

May 13- PCFD#3; Relay Pump Operations; RD300-13; K. Degenhardt

May 27-PCFD#4; Thermal Imaging; ST200-05; Hodges

Jun 1-PCFD#1; Water and Water Supply; RD300-04; K. Degenhardt

Jun 17-PCFD#5; F/D Skills and Drills: Exterior Knockdown; ST200-34; K. Degenhardt